Why Le gacy?...




LE GACY strives on the following strengths: 

  • The strive to offer the best call rates in the market

  • A world-class platform and a global telecoms carrier

  • Dedicated cellular network providers

  • No obligation to contracts

  • Disciplined and focused account management team

  • We provide virtual SIM card technology that offers better management of SIMís

  • Our managing tools are IP based

  • Our products are Cisco approved

  • The most competitive rates structure

  • We provide a offsite solution 100% managed by LE GACY

  • We install a complete SIM card management solution which is easily maintained off site therefore quick and secure

  • We commit to keeping our objectives realistic, measurable and time specific. We differentiate ourselves by providing real time personalized and superior quality of service excellence

  • Connected to your IP-PBX, we provide new services to reduce your bill and improve productivity

  • Specifically designed for multi-operator and cross country deployment 




LE GACY has a strong brand to attract and maintain clients. Build and maintain excellent relationships with our partners and client based on good value, quality and consistency of service. Deliver client service excellence, through constantly improving systems and processes. Consistently offer the best technological solutions to suit our client needs. Be a continuously profitable company through a trusted brand.


National Footprint

LE GACYís national footprint provides services in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth.


LE GACY has recently launched services in Sub-Saharan Africa for Clients with infrastructure in neighbouring countries.

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