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Managed Telecommunications




LE GACY provides immediate cost-reduction via intelligent routing utilising its national and international networks.

LE GACY may reduce voice traffic costs by up to 30% for mobile calls, 15% for national calls and 30% on international calls relative to other South Africa telecommunications providers. LE GACY provides its Clients with a global standard of Quality of Service.


LE GACY access gateway’s connects a Client’s voice network directly with LE GACY’s networks avoiding the need to route calls over costly PSTN routes. LE GACY utilises a configuration of various voice traffic termination protocols which include interconnect directly with the GSM networks, VoIP, SIP, WiFi and fixed-lined infrastructure.



LE GACY has set its strategy on the migration of traditional voice protocols towards IP Telephony. This migration is carried out utilising

LE GACY equipment which manages the protocols in any business environment. PABX manufacturers have costly VoIP integration costs, charged through licence fees for VoIP traffic protocol or new equipment installation. LE GACY has managed the transition through its “front-end” equipment management. 


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